Ø  Private & Venue Parties

Ø Corporate Events

Ø  Adult & Children Parties

Ø  Kids Birthday Parties

Ø  Ladies & Date Night Parties

ؠ Women’s Praise & Paint Event

Ø  School Events

Ø  Girls/Boys Scout & Club Events

 Over 500 themes available

Join Artist & Instructor, Teri Ann, as  she teaches you step-by-step on how to paint (Canvas/Wood) the  design for the event. Enjoy the class
in a stress-free environment as all  canvases are pre-traced and judgement-free, allowing each  painter to relax. As  Teri Ann is always saying, this class is fun art,  not fine art.

By the end of the class, you will connect with your inner-self and find your Zen Artsy side you never  knew you had. Connect with new, and  possibly old, friends having fun in a   warm, positive and supportive   atmosphere.

All painting supplies are included in the painter's fee.