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Equi-Health Instructor Training

Want to be a part of the fastest growing equine career in the US?  Here's how! (and don't wait--fees are set to increase)

1.  DECIDE - In which area do you want to work? 

            * Equine Health & Emergency First Aid (6 different training clinics to teach)  

            * Disaster Planning &  Emergency Preparedness. 

             * Safe Trailering Practices

(or all 3)

2  APPLY - by clicking "Application" button. 

3. Study for your pre-course exam (materials will be mailed to you)

All applicants must demonstrate the following:
All applicants must have the following before being considered by the Board of Advisors for the Equi-Health Canada/Equi-USA EFAI course

1. Must be over the age of 18 and a high school graduate or acceptable level of experience and education.  Teens aged 14-17 may be considered however would carry the title of Junior Instructor and would be required to co-teach with a senior instructor until they are 18 years of age.  This is partly for insurance reasons, but also to ensure the success of the young instructor.

2. Must have significant experience and comfort in handling and working with horses.  This may be in a specific sport or discipline, breeding background, pleasure rider, groom, police work, or the like.

3. Must be able to participate in learning situations that require skills in observation, visual, auditory and tactile information gathering.

4. Must demonstrate the ability to safely perform hands on assessment/demonstration with a live horse, including feet and all parts of the body.

5. Must demonstrate the application of good judgement and prompt completion of all responsibilities attendant to the care and safety of both horse and human.

6. Must adhere to the EFAI Code of Ethics.

7. Must complete the application form in full and pay course fees prior to training date.

*Application does not guarantee acceptance.  Refunds will not be issued to failed students.

Affiliate & Master Instructor, Teri Ann will travel anywhere and everywhere 
Restrictions may apply

Training Dates & Locations

Equine Health & Emergency First Aid $ 2,999.00

April 8-10, 2022: Laveen, AZ

Sept 23-25, 2022: Laveen, AZ

Nov 4-6, 2022: Laveen, AZ


Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness $1,599.00:

Sept 30th & Nov 2nd, 2022: Laveen, AZ


Safe Trailering Practices  $1,599.00:

Nov 1-2, 2022; Laveen, AZ

Limit of Students: 5

Take 2 courses:  $3,999.00 ($599. off)

Take all 3  courses $4,499 ($1,698 off)

Don't see a date or location you can attend?

Call us to see about scheduling us to come to you at 602-579-1437

We offer this training throughout the week as well.