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Pet Tech PetSaver Clinic

Pet CPR, First Aid, Dental Care; Sr. Petizen 8 Hours = $120.00

Materials Included in Tuition:

Laser Certificate of Training (2 years)

and Student PetSaver Book

Clinic Topics:

  • Pet CPR & Rescue Breathing
  • Choking Protocol
  • How to Help your Pet in a Medical Emergency
  • Assessing your Pet's Vitals--before calling or visiting the vet
  • Snout-2-Tail Injury & Well Assessments
  • 10 Situations that require immediately Veterinarian Care
  • Hands-on practice with dummy and live dogs
  • Dental Care for Your Pets
  • Sr. Petizen


Comfy Pets of AZ

45th Drive & Estrella Drive


The Barking Dog

10 am - 6 pm

8330 N Pima Center Parkway * Scottsdale * AZ

Sun 1/12/2020;