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Canine Health & First Aid

10 am to 5 pm - $149.00

Materials Included in Tuition:

Laser Certificate of Training (3 years)

Comprehensive Canine Emergency First Aid Book

When minutes count it's important to make the most of every second.  Canine first aid is a skill every dog owner should have. Knowing how to recognize a medical condition or first aid emergency and act accordingly can drastically reduce the amount of pain & suffering your dog will experience, and could potentially save their life.

We offer the most comprehensive hands-on canine health and emergency first aid training programs in Canada and the United States. Training is done using live dogs, dummy dogs, and following a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation. You also take home a 130+ page canine emergency first aid book, your CPR Certified card, and a frame-able certificate of completion. All adult courses are eligible for CEU Credits with the IAABC


The Barking Dog

10 AM to 4 PM

8330 N Pima Center Parkway * Scottsdale * AZ 85258

Canine Health & First Aid: TBD

Advanced Pet First Aid: TBD

Comfy Pets of AZ Laveen

10 AM to 5 PM

Wednesdays 6/30; 8/25

Canine Health & First Aid Only

Canine Health & First Aid 

+ Advanced Pet First AId