AZ Wildlife & Your K9

Advanced Pet First Aid Clinic

6 Hours - $99.00

Student Tuition Includes:

Student APFA Workbook & Laser Certificate of Training

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AZ Wildlife & Your K9

+ Medical Scenarios:

* Degloving Injuries * Flail Chest Injuries * Bloat

* Open Chest Wound * Bleeding Ear Injuries * Toxins

* Head & Eye Injuries * Happy Tail Injuries * Near Drownings * Limb Wounds * Impaled Objects * Making a Splint * Team Building Exercises, including bringing a dog off a trail

Please go to the Pet Tech CPR & First Aid Page to purchase both the Pet CPR & Advanced Pet First Aid.

Click on picture to your left.

For those that are currently trained in Pet Tech CPR, please call Teri Ann to register for $99.00

The Barking Dog

10 AM to 4 PM

8330 N Pima Center Parkway * Scottsdale * AZ 85258

Sat 1/4/2020